Activation Error Messages

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Activation Error Messages

Postby Tryg » Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:14 am

Activation error messages

  1. Can't connect to the Activation server/No Internet connection/Out of activations/Lost password

    Send us your serial number (which is in the form 0000-0000) along with the two user codes in the manual activation choice:

    User Code 1:
    User Code 2:

    If a problem exists in the server's license record, we will correct that and as you to try the internet activation again. If the problem is an internet connectivity or firewall issue we will either send you the Reg Keys for manual activation or possibly a new license file.

  2. On a 64 bit OS you get an error message regarding MACHNM1.EXE or MACHNM32.SYS

    For 7.0.2 and earlier you need an updated KEYLIB32.DLL and SKCA32.DLL (should be the 12/15/05 versions or newer). These should be installed in the System32 folder. You will also need the file MACHNM64.SYS, which should be installed in BOTH the System32 and SysWow64 folders. This is due to a bug within Protection Plus. If you have 7.0.3 make sure MACHNM64.SYS is in both System32 and SysWow64 folders.

  3. Error message: "Authentication Failed" during activation.

    May be due to internet connection or local firewall. Call us.

  4. Error message: "System date precedes software date, please set your system clock back to the current time. If this message was received in error please contact Stat-Ease."

    This occurs when your computer's system clock gets out of sync with the timestamp stored in the registry and/or license file. If your clock has been set forward then back to the current time may be locked out of the software. This problem occurs primarily with network installations of version 7.0.x. Version 7.1.x allows more leeway with time discrepancies.

    To correct this problem follow this procedure.

    1. Add the following lines to the CUSTDATA.INI file in your program folder"”if this is a network installation, the custdata.ini is in the DX7Net folder on the server:


    2. Run the software and send us the two user codes:

      User Code 1:
      User Code 2:

    3. We will send you the two Reg Keys that will synchronize the license with your current time.

  5. Error #7 - Cannot Open File.

    This error can occur in a network setting if the program is trying to write to the user.ini file that is in the read-only DX7Net folder on the server. The easiest way to remedy this is to add the following line in the [network] section of the CUSTDATA.INI file in the DX7Net folder on the server (minding the capitalization):


    This will create a user.ini in the control folder that should be writable. Note that this will require a reactivation.

    Single user installations can also produce this message if the program hasn't been activated with administrative privileges. To remedy this, simply run as an administrator once and activate, if requested.

  6. Error #8 - Invalid registration data.

    This is a problem with the license file (typically on a network). Contact us as we may need to send you a new license file.

  7. Error #13 - Wrong password.

    This indicates either you have the wrong license file or it has become corrupted. The solution is to delete the user.ini and reactivate (from a workstation if it is network version) which will create a new license file. If the reactivation fails, please contact us.

  8. Error 14: Incorrect parameters.

    This message occurs during manual activation if the program could not locate the license file, user.ini. When this happens, it creates one that is not valid. Note: You should not get this error during Internet activation as that does not attempt to read the invalid license file first, and will correctly update it if the action is successful.

  9. Error #42-46 - Can't access registry.

    You need to run the program once with administrator privileges. You can run at your normal user level after that.

    To activate on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, do the following:

    • Right-click on "Design-Expert 8.0.x Trial" in the Start menu and choose "Run as administrator."
    • If you get a "User Account Control" dialog, choose "Allow."
    • Launch the program and close.
    • The trial should now run in your normal user mode.

    To activate on Windows XP do the following:

    • Right-click on "Design-Expert 8.0.x Trial" in the Start menu and choose "Run as...."
    • Enter an account with administrative rights.
    • Launch the program and close.
    • The trial should now run in your normal user mode.

  10. Error #69 - Invalid code entered.

Contact us. We may have used the wrong utility to generate the activation codes or there is a permission issue.

How to contact us:

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